Water Operators Partnerships (WOPS)

are proven catalysts for improving specific performance parameters of service providers. These sustained, peer-to-peer relationships draw on direct engagement and exchange of practical knowledge.

In a WOP, a “mentor” partner works with its “recipient” peer to identify and overcome service delivery challenges through a jointly defined work program. Lasting 12-24 months, a typical WOP includes technical consultation, specialized on-the-job training, technology demonstration, peer review of procedures and systems, and information exchange.

WOPs offer mutual benefits through cooperation. Recipients are able to improve operations and expand services by adopting new policies and practices and building their skills and capabilities. Mentor partners also enhance their skills by applying knowledge in new settings and achieving their sustainability goals. All partnerships under WaterLinks adhere to a set of principles and guidelines to ensure consistency.

To learn more about or get started on water operator partnerships, you can:

  • Browse the profiles of water operators participating in WaterLinks programs
  • Read about past and ongoing water operator partnerships 
  • Propose a water operator partnership with the WaterLinks Center

For a listing of our WOPS, please click here.

Partnership Facilitation Process

Key organizations involved in a WOP are service providers, WOP facilitators, development partners, and WaterLinks. WOP facilitators are organizations that provide technical assistance and coordination support in facilitating the development and implementation of WOPs, usually under contract or with funding assistance from a development partner. Development partners are donor agencies, international organizations, private corporations, foundations, water associations, and non-profits that give funding and technical support to WOPs.

Water Operators Partnership Process

You may find a summary of the Water Operators Partnership Facilitation Guidelines here.

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